Proudly servicing Central Illnois businesses for over two decades, we at Pro-Tap subscribe to the philosophy of going above and beyond for every client. No bar or restaurant is too big or too small. We service large corporations with several locations in multiple cities, to small family-owned pubs on town squares. We pride ourselves on being at the top of the industry by selling and installing state of the art Micro-Matic equipment, performing regular scheduled beer-line cleaning, and by repairing existing systems to maintain the highest standards of draft beer quality.


Not only do we offer top quality equipment, but we'll install it for you too. Or, if you already have equipment and need help with installation, let us know and our friendly, qualified staff will give you the assistance you need. We can also help with repair of your existing equipment and cleaning of old equipment. We can make your existing taps, faucets, and other dispensing equipment look brand new!


We know bar and beverage dispensing equipment better than anyone in the area. That's why we offer installation services to make sure that your equipment is set up correctly from the start, eliminating costly problems that could arise in the future as a result of poorly installed equipment. We…

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System hygiene is of vital importance. Our qualified technicians can make sure that your equipment is cleaned professionaly and expertly, so that your product is never at risk as a result of poor sanitation. Beer lines and equipment should be cleaned every two weeks. Our Alkaline beer line cleaner…

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Sometimes it is more efficient to repair existing equipment than to replace it. At Pro Tap, we're qualified to make the necessary repairs to keep your equipment running as long as possible. We have qualified, skilled technicians available to repair your hardware and to ensure that you get the…

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